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IB Computer Science

OK folks, we'll finish up the final touches on your project and be done. Great work! See you in class,
Mr. Alei

IB Comp Sci: Week of 5/21/18               (Previous Week - 5/14/18)

Mon 5/21:
Finish up Final Project Due Today
Wed 5/23: Class does not meet - finals

Smartboard Notes & Handouts
Final Project
Mini Project
Java Specific Notes
General Concept Notes
Java Exercises

Commonly used
Kjell: Java Programming
Exercises: Program by Doing
Codingbat (a range of nice exercises & practice)

IB & Other Notes
IB Syllabus from Subject Guide
Brookes Class Notes

Support courses
Udacity: Programming Basics
Udacity: Object Oriented Programming
Coursera Duke: Java Problem Solving (Documentation page)

IB Core Text
Brookshear: Intro to CS
Dale: CS Illuminated

Oracle Java Tutorials
Java Cheat Sheet

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