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Standard Level Year 1

Last week folks - wow! A couple days of review, then our final on Wed. It's been a really great year, let's finish strong. Don't forget to go through some basic quadratic, log, and probability ideas as there will be a bit of that on the exam. But mostly, it's trig. My advice is to reinforce the ideas that you know well rather than focusing on weaknesses. See you in class,
Mr. Alei

SL 1: Week of 5/21/18               (Previous Week - 5/14/18)

Mon 5/21:
Choose from among:
Review Set 11C: #1-7 (Review)
QB: #8,15,44,56 (Comprehensive)
QB: #45,55,57,69,74 (Arcs & Sectors)
QB: #31,34b*,35,40a,47,48 (Graphs)
QB: #59,62a-c*,64,66ab*,70,71ab*,72ab* (Graphs)
QB: #7,11,16,28,31,35,42,52 (Review)
Tue 5/22:
Also go through your old exams - quadratics, exponents & logs, functions, stats&prob
Wed 5/23:
Final Exam 8:30 in the PA

IB Questionbank, Class Notes, and other support
QB Trig Practice
Smartboard Class Notes - Trig Functions
Smartboard Class Notes - Trig

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